The Gulf Stream Super C

When it comes to luxurious living while on the road, nothing really compares to a full recreational vehicle. When it comes to deciding which one is going to be the best fit for your needs, you have to first assess the reasons why you want to purchase one. If it's to see the countryside and not have to pay the high rates at hotels, motels, and other areas, then you're in luck, because never before has there been such a mighty selection of top quality options. One of the best options to look into for those that are seeking adventure, is the Gulf Stream Super C.

The Gulf Stream Super C is a fully functioning recreational vehicle and it comes equipped with everything you could possibly want when considering traveling the roads of your nation with relative ease. Some of the standard features include two slide outs that can sleep upwards of 10, power locks, power windows, rear back up camera, a full truck chassis with 8.1L gas engine, and if that wasn't enough of a motivational list, consider that this one has a full rear queen, two bunks, folding dinette, jack knife sofa, and cab over bunk.

The positive features will keep you moving forward and if you're traveling with family, you'll be glad to know that with a good generator, you can get upwards of 240 hours of electricity to power televisions, radios, and video games if necessary. When it comes to traveling in luxury, you're going to want to look into this option as it is quite easily the best road tested recreational vehicles money can buy.