Forester Class C RV

The Forester Class C RV provides recreational comfort at affordable prices. The spacious living area, complete kitchen and bathroom spaces, and a cozy bedroom nook make this Forester Class C RV complete.

When living in close quarters, space is always an issue. The Forester Class C RV makes space in your living area a priority. Stay up all night playing cards with your pals at the table dinette. You can also recline back, have a cold drink, and hash over the day's events on the two-way sofa that transforms into an additional bed.

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most fascinating aspects of any RV. The Forester Class C RV does not disappoint. People become intrigued with the types of bathroom and kitchen features that can fit in a vehicle. This RV has a range and stove, microwave, and deep kitchen sink.

The bathroom has every feature a home bathroom would have. Your first shower in your RV will be an exciting one.

RVs are meant for recreational fun. This means, when traveling in the Forester Class C RV, night times will bring exhaustion. That is why a top of the line bedroom area is necessary. It is complete with inner spring mattresses, reading lights, a privacy door, and much more.

Modern day RVs have everything you could ever imagine. The Forester Class C RV will soon become your home away from home.

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