Ford Majestic Tourer II

The Ford majestic tourer II is considered a van camper. These vehicles are made for traveling and are very compact. If your planning on a vacation for 2-4 people this is the way to go. You have all the necessities of a big camper, packed into a small place. These vans are like a mini motor home. Almost all are equipped with a stove, sink, microwave, and small kitchen table. The small table or love seats can turn into a queen or king bed depending how you set it up.

While traveling the cabinet doors and drawers lock shut, this way nothing falls out and breaks. Inside the van, there are many storage compartments for your luggage. On the outside you can access the hot water heater in the rear. Also the sewer hoses and electric outlets are on the driver side. This vehicle is equipped with a casett toilet instead of a sewage tank. This makes for easy cleaning and easy winter maintenance. Winter maintenance is a must because you don't want a big garage bill come spring or summer when your ready for vacation.

The ford majestic router II is built onthe ford econo line and is a great economic choice if you can't afford a big camper. The gas mileage is rated at 18-24 miles per gallon. Majestic is the manufacturer of this vehicle and there are many other models like the one specified. Choosing a good economic vacation vehicle is always fun, but know what you are buying before you purchase.

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