Lazy Daze RVs

Have you ever wanted to just drop everything and go? To have the ability to travel to exciting and far away places whenever you please? Many people would find it difficult to lead such a lifestyle due to educational, family, and career commitments. Yet others have found ways to make their travel dreams come true. Lazy Daze RVPreviewing a Lazy Daze RV makes it easy to imagine living your travel fantasy.

Lazy Daze's class C coaches provide both standard and custom features of exceptional quality. The compact floor plan options (the smallest being a mere 23.5 feet) and the versatile furniture layouts mean that you will have all the comforts of home in a vehicle that is easy to manage.

Small RVs--Big Advantage

One of the major benefits of a Lazy Daze RV is the compact size of the vehicle. There are three different sizes to choose from when selecting the floor plan of the motor home. The largest size available is 30 feet; the other two floor plan options are 26.5 feet and 23.5 feet.

There are many advantages of driving a compact motor home, the first being that a smaller vehicle is both physically and mentally easier to drive. It is easier to maneuver a small RV, both on the road as well as in and out of parking spaces. Additionally, driving a small motor vehicle often means that it is not necessary to tow a car behind it.

If these benefits aren't enough to persuade you, then consider the fact that a smaller motor vehicle has a better fuel economy. Your Lazy Daze RV will get more out of each gallon of gasoline than other, larger motor homes. When you preview the Lazy Daze RV, you will come to find that the small floor plan is both convenient and practical.

The Comforts Of Home

A preview of the Lazy Daze RV will indicate that, despite the small floor plan, the vehicle provides all of the comforts of home in one of many compact designs. With several versatile floor plan options, there is no way that your requirements cannot be satisfied.

The various floor plans feature different bed locations and sizes. The company offers many options, including a permanent island bed, a queen size bed in the cab-over area of the vehicle, and a twin sofa that can be converted into either a twin bed or a king size bed. Whatever your sleeping needs are, they can be accommodated.

All of the floor plans include large, efficiently constructed bathrooms. One feature of the bathrooms is the "dry shower," which is able to accommodate passengers of all sizes. Each bathroom also contains medicine cabinets, ceiling exhaust fans, and dressing mirrors.

One of the features of a Lazy Daze motor vehicle is exceptional lighting. The windows of the motor home are large in size, and they are tinted for privacy. With as many as fourteen strategically placed interior light fixtures per floor, you will be spending your time in a well-lit, comfortable environment.

Ample storage is provided on the RVs, both inside and outside the vehicle. The design and layout of the Lazy Daze coaches incorporates plenty of interior storage, including cabinets and drawers. Additionally, for those travelers who have an adventurous side, the vehicles also include exterior storage for items such as fishing poles, golf clubs, and skis.

Not only do Lazy Daze motor vehicles include standard home comforts, but they are also technology-savvy! Electronic items such as a microwave, a cable TV hook-up, a roof mounted amplified TV antenna, an AM/FM stereo with multiple speakers, and a ceiling fan controlled by a thermostat are considered standard amenities.

Competitively Priced

For such advanced features, Lazy Daze motor vehicles are priced very fairly. The company provides a base price, and adds more to the cost for custom features. All 23.5 foot floor plans have a base price of merely $69,750.

What A Deal!

A preview of the Lazy Daze RV allows the potential buyer to draw several conclusions, the most important one being that the small size of the vehicle provides a great deal of benefits. Additionally, the makers equip the motor home with features that will make you feel right at home. Overall, why wouldn't you choose to purchase a coach from Lazy Daze? It's a deal that will allow you to live your dream!

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