Jayco Travel Trailers

Jayco Travel TrailersLloyd J. Bontrager founded Jayco travel trailers in 1968. Bontrager's company started out with just 15 employees and only produced around 130 trailers during the first year of business. The shop was operated out of two of his chicken coops and a barn, which makes the 130 trailers produced by a handful of employees seem astronomical. Today, Jayco has around 16,000 employees and produces around 25,000 trailers each year. This just shows how much drive the Jayco corporation has, considering they started on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Jayco makes a trailer for anyone's needs, whether they are planning to camp at a local park or take the four wheelers across the country.

Families looking to stay in a more local environment, should consider the Jay series sport. This is a smaller trailer that could easily be towed behind virtually any vehicle. The trailer holds up to five people and comes in lengths of 11 or 13 feet. This basically equates to the size of an average living room, but is designed much more efficiently to essentially double the amount of space available. People will also enjoy the luxurious Concorde Cherry cabinetry provided standard on this model.

People who want something similar in size to the Jay series sport, but want to bring a few toys, such as bikes along may want the Jayco travel trailers Baja model. This model is similar in size to the sport series, meaning it will still easily tag along behind most vehicles. This model could also be easily stored at a residence, due to its seemingly small appearance. This camper can still sleep up to five people, all while have room for those extra toys that never seem happy when left at home.

Looking to upgrade to something a little bigger to travel the country in? Jayco has that option covered as well. With the Jay Flight Swift, people can enjoy the luxurious comforts of home, as it comes in 23 and 29 foot length options. This provides more than enough room for everyone to move around while at their destination. Considering most people do not drive to their destination and stay in the trailer the whole time, that length is almost going to feel more roomy than being at home. This model has the same Cherry Concorde furnishings as found in the other models, to add a luxurious appearance when compared to other travel trailers. This Jayco model also features electric slide outs, which provides even more width. The electric power makes it a lot easier when compared to those old school trailers that people had to open by hand.

For the people who feel the desire to bring the dirt bikes and other adrenaline inducing toys on their trip, Jayco travel trailers has a few options for toy haulers. The Octane ZX Super Lite toy hauler has 6 1/2 feet of room to store all of the toys behind the living quarters. This is their smaller toy hauler that will comfortably support about five people. They also offer a medium size toy hauler, the Octane ZX, which has over 7 feet of room for those fast toys. This model features a queen size bed and fold away couches, which will sleep several people. This could be the ideal model for those people who work hard and play harder, and want to take guests to the party with them. For those who demand even more out of their trailer should consider the Recon ZX. This is the cream of the crop in Jayco travel trailers, and possibly every trailer on the road today. This model features a whopping 12 feet of cargo room to store all of those extras, all while sleeping more people than ever imaginable. Owners will think they are pulling a mansion down the road. This is a 42 1/2 foot long, fifth wheel trailer, with interior heights that extend beyond the eight foot mark, so it truly is like being at home; a very luxurious home that is.

Jayco truly has the trailer that everyone has dreamed about. They realize that not everyone is interested in buying the most expensive trailer on the market. However, unlike other travel trailer companies, Jayco actually includes luxury options in their cheaper models. Typically people have to spend quite a bit on a trailer to get all of the fancy furnishings found in Jayco's basic models. This is exactly why they gain over 25,000 customers each and every year. In fact, Jayco has sold so many trailers, it would not be too far of a stretch to say that everyone knows someone who owns one of their trailers. Those individuals have a true pride in the quality of Jayco travel trailers, and if they have not bought a new one it is likely because the old one is still good as new.