Jayco 2006

The new Jayco small RV models for 2006 add a new dimension to class C RVs. From the least expensive, to the most luxurious, the 2006 Jayco small RVs have every feature imaginable.

First we will start at one end of the spectrum and jump all the way to the other. The most inexpensive 2006 Small Jayco RV is the Escapade. This RV is packed with luxurious standard features. It has a queen bed, central air, microwave, carbon monoxide detector, and much more. The small Escapade RV may be the most inexpensive, but it doesn't lack style and class. Jayco made sure this RV was state of the art with oak cabinets, beautiful furniture, carpeting with padding, etc. The Jayco Escapade RV is so beautifully crafted, you will feel like you've stepped into your home.

The most expensive Small Jayco RV for 2006 is the Seneca ZX. This RV is nothing but hi-tech class! The Seneca ZX has everything you have ever seen in an RV and much more. It is the definition of camping luxury. It is the little extras that make this Small Jayco RV so special. The bathroom and kitchen floor are linoleum. There is a skylight and Electric lift tailgate. The kitchen even has a water purification system for your safety. There are too many features of the Seneca ZX 2006 Jayco RV to name. You will be the talk of the campground when you drive up with this RV.

Small RVs will never know what hit them when the new 2006 Jayco hit the roads.