Holiday Rambler 2011 LX FW

When you get ready to ramble down the open road the new Holiday Rambler 2011 Savoy LX FW will be the perfect companion to help make that journey a comfortable one. With a starting price of under $40,000 you'll be the proud owner of one of the finest fifth wheels on the market today.

The Holiday Rambler 2011 Savoy LX FW is an excellent choice for those who like to camp, hunt, fish, sightsee, or just roam the countryside in style. With tall ceilings and spacious interiors that can be made even larger by choosing a model with slide outs, it's certain your family will have ample room to move around in. Some of these RV's have up to four slide outs depending on the floor plan you choose. This RV is as close to a home away from home as you can get when it comes to a fifth wheel RV. There are five floor plans to choose from that vary in length from 31 ft. 10 inches to 34 ft. 3 inches. The weight is a stabilizing 12,400 pounds. The slide outs work at the touch of a button but they are also equipped with a manual crank.

You'll find the interiors come fully furnished. Everything from appliances, to furniture, to decor, to electrical and plumbing come standard on this model, but there are also many options to choose from to make this RV exactly what you want. Consider it an investment in fun and comfort. It will be like returning home after a hard day at work, only in this case you'll be returning home after a hard day of play. It doesn't get much better than that.

This type of RV gives you the freedom to have a choice when it comes to either taking the trailer with you or leaving it behind at the park while you spend the day where ever the road ahead takes you. You have the advantage of accessing places that people in motorhomes might not be able to get to. The possibilities are endless and the Holiday Rambler 2011 Savoy LX FW will provide years of satisfaction while you make the memories.

Holiday Rambler LX