Holiday Rambler RVs

The Holiday Rambler RV Company introduced their first travel trailer in 1953. This American corporation which primarily focused on recreational vehicles. Since that time, they have been leading the way in RV design. The Holiday Rambler RV Company is internationally recognized as a quality manufacture of high-end motor homes and RV's. The bodies of the class A and towable RV's are made similar to automobiles, with seamless fiberglass laminate on the exteriors. This fiberglass not only provides an excellent look but also is very weather resistant.

Holiday Rambler RV Company is responsible for many firsts in the RV business, they introduced the first built in refrigerators, holding tanks, they were first with the tag axles in motor homes and revolutionized the industry with slide you kitchens.

In 1996, Holiday Rambler made a commitment to reduce harmful environmental emissions and changed some of the way their RV's were produced in order to reduce their footprint on this earth. Since then the company has changed many practices in order to stay true to their corporate environmental responsibility. Part of this improvement has been the introduction of the Advanced Exhaust Gas Re-circulation which circulated diesel exhaust back into the engine, which slows and cools the combustion and reduces formulation of harmful byproducts. In addition, they have worked on making a system that does not require the owner to add Selective Catalytic Reduction fluid, which reduces emissions but is costly for the owner and requires additional maintenance.

In 1986, the company was sold to Harley Davidson and in 1996 it was sold again to the Monaco Coach Corporation which is housed under the Navistar International Corporation.

Currently the Class A motor homes include the Navigator, Scepter, Endeavor, Ambassador, Neptune, Vacationer and Admiral. Class A motor homes can run up to $495,000

The Class B Motor homes include the August B+. The Class C includes the Aluma-Lite C. The towable RV's include Savoy LX FW/TT, Mintaro and Camp master. Towable RV's are the most inexpensive brand starting $19.000.

For those that enjoy the freedom of traveling in a motor home or an RV, the approaching holidays bring back the drive to get out there and start exploring America.

Holiday Rambler