Fleetwood Tioga Review

The Fleetwood Tioga Class C RV sets the bar pretty high for other RVs to measure up against. This 29 foot Fleetwood Tioga RV with V10 engine is built on a tough ford chassis, so you know it's going to have lasting power.

The Fleetwood Tioga RV's Tuff-Ply white roofing material has the highest heat reflecting abilities to help keep your RV cool on the hottest days of summer. And the Fleetwood Tioga RV's Tuff-Plex plumbing protects your water pipes from freezing up even if you take a trip to Alaska! The Fleetwood Tioga RV employs this same high performance ideology to every aspect of this RV's construction.

While the Fleetwood Tioga RV comes with all the usual amenities you'd expect in a top flight RV, this RV shines in the details. The Fleetwood Tioga RV has almost too many options to choose from.

The Fleetwood Tioga RV's kitchen galley offers a sink cover/cutting board, built in spice rack and knife rack options. Bathroom options include a skylight/roof vent with 12V fan.

The Fleetwood Tioga RV's master bedroom has a built in TV shelf with 12V and cable jacks and AC receptacle. RVers can watch TV in luxury from the Fleetwood Tioga RV's queen size bed.

If you want high quality and plenty of options, the Fleetwood Tioga RV makes an excellent choice.