Fleetwood Tioga Ranger

Do you yearn for the open road? Is your idea of the perfect vacation all about getting there in style? Is your budget modest? The Fleetwood Tioga Ranger will fit the bill in all aspects. For about half the cost of top end motor homes, one can travel in well-insulated comfort through almost any weather. The gas driven power plant puts out 305 HP and over 400 pound feet of torque so you will have little or no problems on the highway. Inside, there is almost seven feet of headroom so almost no one has to hunch over.

The kitchen is well equipped, as well. The large refrigerator keeps lots of stuff cool for the long haul. Making meals is a snap with the three burner stove and oven. Midnight snacks are fun, too, when one reheats the leftovers from last night's feast in the microwave oven. The hardwood cabinetry is both visually and aesthetically pleasing, with loads of easily reachable space. The breakfast nook nestles under two spacious windows so that the whole family can enjoy a spectacular sunrise. While enjoying a break, you can nap in the convertible bunk beds in the breakfast nook or crawl into the comfy queen-sized bed over the cab. You can also pop open the patio awning for a leisurely picnic free from the blazing sun. If the breeze is lovely but the bugs are not, the entrance is equipped with a screen door.

The Fleetwood Tioga Ranger also sports a 50 gallon water tank, and 70 gallons of waste water storage so you can travel quite a ways without having to drag out the sewer hose. The TuffPEX plumbing is corrosion and cold resistant in addition to being tough and flexible. Wall construction includes the vaunted Vacu-bond process, combining block foam insulation with the formed fiberglass walls on steel and aluminum frames. The construction suffers the elements without complaint, and the 30,000 BTU furnace keeps everyone cozy. The six gallon, propane heated water tank makes showering luxurious.

In short, this RV gives you the amenities you seek with the economy you need.