Fleetwood Tioga Ranger DSL

The Fleetwood Tioga Ranger DSL is a small RV based on a Mercedes Benz Chassis. It is powered by 3.0 liter, six cylinder diesel engine. The cabin is temperature controlled by either a 13,000 BTU conventional air conditioner, or a 25,000 BTU Furnace. The temperature is controlled by a wall mounted thermostat, keeping you comfortable in either the summer or winter. It comes standard with an automatic transmission, so anyone can hop in and drive on your long road trip. The Fleetwood Tioga Ranger DSL is also equipped with a tilt wheel, cruise control and cup holders to make driving across the country more comfortable.

The living room is adorned with a 26 inch LCD television for your entertainment. To save space, and to accommodate more passengers, the living room also has a jackknife sofa bed. The bathroom is fully equipped, including a molded ABS shower/tub. The shower head has a flexible hose extension. The bathroom door has a passage lock for extra privacy. A skylight with a 12 volt fan allows fresh air to come in on those hot summer days. The bedroom comes with decorative reading lights, but if you aren't in the mood for reading, you can turn on the 19 inch LCD television.

The kitchen is complete with a three burner range. If you are wondering where to store your food, look no further than the six cubic foot combo refrigerator and freezer. If you accidentally burn what you are cooking, you can blow the smoke away with the roof mounted vent fan. Also, you can wash your dishes in the stainless steel sink. The Fleetwood Tioga Ranger DSL is equipped with numerous safety features to keep you safe on your journey. Multiple seatbelts and a fire extinguisher come standard, as do the carbon monoxide, propane, and smoke detectors/alarms.