Fleetwood Jamboree

The Fleetwood Jamboree is characterized as a class III motor home, also known as a RV. It is one of the best vehicles out there and the most dependable, especially since it has been around for over 35 years. Every year, the designers of the Jamboree make sure the quality increases more and more.

When you walk into any Fleetwood Jamboree you will find an exquisite setting befitting royalty. Do not think that every RV of this caliber looks the same. In fact, the Jamboree has three different floor plans to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. The 26J version is what they call a single-slide out which means that one side of the RV has the option to come out even further to allow more room. It has a "U" shape dinette and comes with a large queen size bed and a spacious closet. The 30H is a double-slide out meaning that two sides can open out. This model comes with a nice size living room, or what they call a conversation area. It also has a retractable awning that allows for an outdoor area that is covered. The most illustrious of the three would be the 31M model which is also a double-slide out. This one is the longest of the three and comes with a side aisle space and a residential sized bathroom. All of the motor homes come with plantation cherry wood paneling. The dining table actually converts into another bed in case you need the extra sleeping area.

This style of RV has been around for years and does not seem to be going anywhere. Thousands of happy customers continue to use their Jamboree with the satisfaction of knowing they have one of the best in the market and it does not look like that will change any time soon.