Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher

If you are in the market for fun and relaxation that takes you away from the day to day and puts you on the open road, look no further than the Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher. In the world of recreational vehicles, this small and economical RV will get you where you're going with all the amenities of home and without breaking the bank.

There are several different kinds of RV's to choose from. This one in particular is a Class C model and the much larger luxury models are considered Class A. With so many different choices to choose from money and ease of ownership can help in the decision making. This type of vehicle is a combination van/travel trailer and everything you need is built on a truck chassis no more than 28 ft in length. The relatively short length makes handling and maneuverability not much different than driving an extended cab pickup. Being gasoline powered makes refueling a breeze and if you have mechanical problems almost any mechanic will be able to do the job.

Don't underestimate this RV, although small in length, it boasts a roomy interior. Inside you will find all that you would require to sustain an extended trip in comfort. From the master bedroom at the back to the over cab sleeper at the front, accommodations are ample for a family of up to six. Newer models have slide outs that provide more space at a button's touch. The choice is yours when it comes to fabrics, cabinets, and interior color. No need to spend money on restaurant fare when there's a microwave, stove, and refrigerator in the fully equipped kitchen area. With an air conditioner, furnace, and hot water heater you can be comfortable traveling any time of year.

Whether it's getting out of town for a weekend trip to the lake or heading across country, the Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher will get you there and back in comfort without costing a fortune or having to forgo stopping somewhere due to the lack of parking availability. Owning a recreational vehicle is meant to be fun and this one is.