Coachmen Mirada

When it comes down to the Coachmen Mirada, one thing for sure is that it most definitely brings more to the road, as well as to those that are driving it. Another fact that makes the Mirada a force to be reckoned with is that it has all that it takes to make RVing way more enjoyable, affordable and enviable. The dream of experiencing the prestige and comfort of a Class A motorhome can come true with one drive of the Coachmen Mirada. It does not matter if you are a fresh newcomer of purchasing motorhomes or quite well-experienced, the Mirada is built around the one idea of delighting you and your family with amazing eye appeal, usable and practical floor-plan designs, cool features and innovations that the majority of experienced motorhome users appreciates.

Any family road trip or travel to anywhere is missing out on a lot of things that have what it takes to boost that trip pass the ordinary. In order to come remotely close to the grand idea of experiencing the perfect road trip, you have to have two things, and that is the right settings and right ride. When it comes to getting the right settings, all you can do is wait for the perfect weather to start your trip. As for the right ride, that is 100 percent in your hands, so it is in your best interest to choose wisely. Nevertheless, the one ride that is geared towards making every road trip special is the Mirada.

You will most definitely appreciate the long list of features that include Corian sink covers and kitchen countertops, 30" OTR microwave, cabinet doors of hard wood, two 13' 500BTU air conditioners, 32' TV in both the living room and bedroom, 50 amp service and well-over enough of exterior storage.

coachmen mirada