Coachmen Leprechaun

Leprechaun---SteeleAt the larger end of the Class C spectrum, the Coachmen Leprechaun offers a bit more room for any consumer willing to spend a little bit extra.  Though the price point might be a bit higher than many small recreational vehicles, the Leprechaun's extra space gives a lot more flexibility and comfort for anyone spending a lot of time on the road.  At the same time, the Leprechaun is most definitely still a Class C RV - unlike Class B or Class A RVs, it still handles a bit more like a large van than a bus.  Though larger and a bit more unwieldy than most of its class, most drivers will still find it much more maneuverable and comfortable than a travel trailer or fifth wheel model.

Optional Extras

Leprechaun---Front-to-BackThough the Leprechaun comes with a good variety of built-in amenities, there are some potential upgrades that should probably be considered by anyone willing to purchase a new unit.  First, though the Leprechaun already comes with a 20'' LCD television and DVD player, there is the option to upgrade to a 26'' LCD for a relatively low fee, an upgrade well worth considering for anyone who might be taking their DVD collection on the road.  In addition, there are options for the installation of an iPod and Sirius radio docking station for anyone who has an interest in those particular items.

All told, the Leprechaun is a great RV with a lot of interesting features, fit for any RV enthusiast willing to spend a little more money to ensure a higher quality of travel.  And of course, the cost conscious buyer can still consider finding a used unit, saving significantly on the price.