Coachmen Blast

The Coachmen Blast is a versatile vehicle to haul and is made with an extremely sturdy aluminum covering. To ensure that there is plenty of power, there is an integrated generator rack installed. The back door opens outward for easy loading and can handle a total of 2,000 pounds maximum. It is not only a hauler, but also has like home amenities built in such as a shower, refrigerator, microwave, heater and toilet. This small, compact home away from home helps the consumer have everything that they need wherever they are.

There is even a galley included for cooking, small eating area and sleeping accommodations depending on the whether you purchase the 15- or 17-foot model. The interior space is six feet, nine inches tall, offering plenty of room to move around. Another functional additional is an exterior hose that retracts inside a storage compartment that is useful for washing equipment. The price for this compact vehicle can vary depending on the part of the country that you are purchasing in. In regards to being towed, many smaller vehicles, sports utility vehicles and trucks can handle it easily.

Its compact, small size hides a roomy interior that can be used in a variety of ways by the outdoor consumer. Its reasonable price and easy of towing are also excellent advantages that this model has. For someone who doesn't want to purchase a larger camper, but still likes to have something to travel with the Coachmen Blast is a perfect choice.