Coachman Encounter

Owning a RV is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Few things are as liberating as knowing you can jump into your own motor home, cruise the back roads, and not have to worry about finding a hotel. For those new to the world of RVs the larger models often seem overwhelming. This is where the Coachman Encounter comes in.It's size is ideal for a green driver. Cruise control makes the Coachman Encounter a pleasure to drive. The reclining pilot seat guarantees a comfortable ride for the second mate while two LCD televisions entertain the crew in the back; an wonderful situation for families with younger children.

The Coachman Encounter combines the spacious quality and comfort of larger RVs into a smaller package. This class A model possesses a sleek and sophisticated design with 22.5 tires, roomy side hinge baggage doors, an electric patio awning, and slide out room awnings. Its classy interior holds well designed floor plans that make efficient use of limited space. Cleverly placed lighting makes the Coachman Encounter feel like home. Sturdy BeauFlor flooring withstands years of use making this an ideal choice for frequent travelers.

Every element exhibits versatility. The kitchen is roomy and elegant-the perfect place to whip up gourmet creations while on the road. Glazed cabinet doors combined with Corian counters turn this space into a focal feature in the Coachman Encounter. It has several practical features including dead bolt locks, heated exterior mirrors, a carbon monoxide detector, and a fire extinguisher. The microwave oven eliminates the need for restaurants, while a spacious 8 cubic foot fridge stores those TV dinners.

The Coachman Encounter removes the need for hotels. The sheer luxury found inside is enough to turn down even the Hilton. After all who needs room service when you have a private electric fireplace?

coachmen encounter