Coach House Platinum

When You are looking for a motorhome and want only the absolute best vehicle, then the Coach House Platinum series is the choice to make. Coach House Platinum offers well made and designed motorhomes for the more distinguished individual. The motorhomes that Coach House make offer safety, functionality, and a peace of mind that no other company can guarantee.

The Coach House Platinum series is absolutely the top of the line. The motorhomes produced are extremely safe and easy to drive. While most motorhome companies make their motorhomes with multiple pieces, Coach House does not. Not only does this mean fewer chances for leaks, this also means much greater durability and safety on the road. The chassis that Coach House picks are uniquely designed to give a fine and smooth ride which will be comfortable and enjoyable to anyone inside them.

The amenities that Coach House Platinum come with put it over the top of any other motorhome you have seen. Great interior designs which include leather and corian countertops make the inside of this motorhome look absolutely stunning. An HDTV and DVD player with optional Bose sound system make for a great entertainment center, and the porcelain toilet and six-foot two-inch shower make a both functional and comfortable privacy space. The power sofa and dinette bed are there for your rest and enjoyment after you have bought this prime motorhome. The Coach House Platinum series makes for a great buy if you are looking for a quality motorhome to purchase and enjoy for years to come.

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