Why a Small RV?

ClassB.jpgWhy Choose A Smaller RV?

If you have any concerns about being able to handle a large RV on the road, then perhaps you should choose a smaller RV the first time around. Smaller RVs are less intimidating to new RVers, and you can always trade up to a larger model if you find it will serve your needs better.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding if a smaller RV is a better choice for you.

1.  How many people will be traveling in your smaller RV on a regular basis? If it's just you and your spouse or a best friend, then a smaller RV is perfect. More people means more beds needed, and more demands made on your water storage tank.

2. How much storage room will you really need in a small RV? Again, the number of people traveling will determine how much food and luggage will need to be stored in a smaller RV, then multiply that by the number of days for the trip. If it's just the two of you, a smaller RV will be quite sufficient.

3. There's no getting around it these days, the price of gas is a major consideration for RVers, and a smaller, more fuel efficient RV will help you make better use of your recreational dollars.

4.  Not having to pull a car to use at your final destination is another factor to consider. One of the beauties of a smaller RV is that once you arrive at your vacation destination, you will probably be able to continue to drive your RV to and from your visiting locales, since parking a small RV won't be a problem.  How many times have you visited an amusement park and seen small RVs parked out in the parking lot, next to family cars?  How many times have you seen a large RV parked out in the same parking lot?

A smaller RV can be a very good choice when all these factors are taken into consideration.