What do you need in a fifth wheel toy hauler?

What do you need in a fifth wheel toy hauler? Are you going to be traveling across country or mostly shorter local trips? If you will be taking longer trips then perhaps you may wish to have an recreational vehicle hauler combo. Since this can be a major purchase several things should be decided.

A number of things must be considered when making this purchase:
The following list may help you decide exactly what you need.

o What is your budget?
o What is the purpose of the hauler?
o How often will I use it?
o What size hauler do I want?
o Is my vehicle properly rated to carry the hauler?
o Are you going to purchase new or pre-owned?
o Do I need any special features?
o Is my rig properly designed to handle this hauler?
o What type braking system is on the hauler?
o Do I need a ramp or doors?

Perhaps one of the largest errors in purchasing fifth wheel toy hauler's is made in not having the proper vehicle to tow it with. It might look great going down the road and even pull fine. Can your rig properly stop when needed? The last thing you want is your fifth wheel hauler wrapped around a tree especially with all your toys in it.

If you are going to use a recreational vehicle combo hauler you will want to spend a good of deal of time deciding what features are most important to you in the sleeping quarters. If you want more beds then you most likely you may have to give up a little living space. If you travel alone or in pairs you may desire to have a nice living area with only one bed. You also may wish to have a restroom in it.
These fifth wheel haulers can be very spacious and give you the room you need to get your toys there in style.