Small Campers

Small CampersSmall Campers actually date as far back as the early twentieth century. The small camper trailers was the first recreation vehicle that was developed in the United States. One of the first campers people were using was the Volkswagen camper van. This was one of the first campers that offered built in sleeping quarters. One of the most popular small camper trailers that was first used in the United States was the teardrop camper. In the 1950's and 1960's the use of motorized campers started showing up. Around this time people were also using the camper shells that were made to attach to the bed of a truck. In the late 60's small motor coach's started to be used also. These campers were the size of a small motor home. People that used the travel trailers were referred to as tin can travelers.

There are about seven different types of campers on the market now. The class A is the largest camper. This camper is like traveling in your house. The next type is the class B camper, also known as a conversion van. The class C camper is probably the most popular camper that is used. This camper is built on a truck chassis and has a truck cab. One of the small campers out there is the truck camper. This is a self-contained camper that is set in the bed of a pick-up truck. This type of small camper can be removed from the truck bed when it's not being used. The other two types of small campers are the travel camper and the pop-up camper. The travel camper and the pop-up camper is towed behind another vehicle. The travel camper will usually have an on board bathroom where the pop-up camper does not. Both offer cooking facilities and will usually sleep four to six people comfortably. The pop-up camper does have a much smaller price than all the other campers available.

There are different types of small campers available. There is the clam-shell, Hard side Filon, Wood Framed, Hard side Filon, Aluminum-framed, and the Hard side aluminum. There is also campers that have removable panels and these campers are known as campers with slides. Slide is what the removable panel is called.

Having a small camper to use when traveling will save money on lodging expenses. Using the small campers also lets you be prepared for a camping trip at anytime. The camping gear and clothes can be stored right inside the camper. The best type of truck to use with the campers are the long bed truck. The center of gravity needs to be in front of the rear axle of the truck. These small campers are usually around eighteen feet long, very lightweight and very easy to set up when you arrive at the destination. Most of the time the campers will weigh less than three thousand pounds making it possible to be towed by most trucks and SUV's. It is possible to purchase a camper that weighs less than seven hundred pounds. This makes it easy to tow using a small economy car. These are popular because in a time that gas prices are high, it gives every one the opportunity to travel. In most states it is illegal for people to ride in the camper while it is being towed on public roads.

There are also some small campers that are no more luxurious than a tent. They offer a place to sleep and that is about it. There are some that are a little more than a tent. They will have places to sleep, cook, eat and sit and relax. Some will even have bathroom facilities. Most places will have water hook ups as well as sewer dump facilities.

When deciding on what type of camper you will purchase there are a lot of things that you should think about. The most important thing to think about before the purchase is how many people you will have traveling with you. The worst thing to do is to get to the destination and not have enough space for everyone. Another thing to decide on is what kind of amenities you would like to have. The smaller campers offer the kitchenette and sleeping area but they usually don't have bathroom facilities. To have that luxury you may need to get a bigger camper. Something else to be considered is the destination spot. Make sure to make your reservation in advance so the spot is there for you when you get there.

Remember, even during a bad economy, when luxuries are at a minimum, people need to get away with family and spend time relaxing and enjoying what nature gives us. These small campers are an affordable and fun way for families to do this.