Motorized vs towed RVs

Motorized or towable RVs, which style is best? It depends on who you ask. Each style of RV has something to offer depending on your needs.

Towable RVs are meant to be towed behind your vehicle on a trailer hitch. There are a wide variety of towable RVs including pop-up campers, fifth-wheel trailers, truck campers, and travel trailers. Due to their smaller size, no special permits are required for towable RVs. Towable RVs are really only meant to provide temporary living quarters and are usually more spartan than our next group of RVs.


RVs have their own engines and cabs. These RVs are all equipped with kitchens and bathrooms and can offer long term living quarters for RVers wishing to take longer trips or RV full time. This group of RVs includes the classic large motorhomes as well as camper vans.

There are differences in handling all of these RVS on the road. Most motorized RVs are fairly easy to handle with a little practice, while some of the larger towable RVs can be a little challenging to maneuver.

Perhaps the best solution is to rent both styles of RVs to decide which is best for you before you buy.