Information on Buying a RV for Sale by Owner

Now that you have decided to purchase an rv for sale by owner, there are items that should be checked before purchase. If the seller lives near a dealer, that may be one option. Take the unit there to have it checked. If having a professional check it over is not an option, here are some items you should check yourself.
o Heater
o Air conditioner
o Water pump
o Hot water heater
o Refrigerator
o Stove
o Electric outlets
o Generator
o Holding tanks
o Water lines
o Toilet

These are the necessities. This is what makes an RV comfortable. If the rv for sale by owner that you are considering is old, get as much documentation from the current owner as possible. You are looking for the books and manuals that show you how to light that furnace or troubleshoot the generator. Those booklets also tell you service intervals and what needs done for each service.

One should also examine the interior of the unit. You will be looking for any sign of water damage, an indication of roof damage. Look for blisters in the paneling, or stains on the ceiling. Question the current owner. What work has he done to the unit. Get up on the roof and see for yourself what is up there. Note any missing vents covers; cracks in sealant around those vents may indicate a leaking roof.

The test drive of the rv for sale by owner is the best determination of the mechanical aspect. Is it hard to start, is the battery low, are the brakes soft? Never purchase any used unit without taking it for a road test.

Finally, you are going to get under the unit. You are looking for any fluid leaks, water line breaks, along with cracks or holes in the holding tanks. These are not hard to repair or replace, but the bottom dollar on the unit should reflect damage you find.