Classes of RV’s Explained

There are three main classes of RVs. Let's take a look.

Class A

A Class A RV motor home is the luxury liner of RVing. This class of RV is the home-away-from-home for those RVers wishing to turn their hobby into a full-time lifestyle. Class A RVs are more like supersized busses, and have all the modern conveniences like full showers, and refrigerators, and separate bedroom areas. If you plan to actually live in your RV, then a Class A is probably the best choice for you.

Class B

A Class B RV more closely resembles a large conversion van. A Class B RV offers easier storage options as many will fit in a home garage, or under a carport or awning. The downside to the Class B RV is the price tag. Class B RVs, just like conversion vans when compared to their utilitarian van siblings, are more expensive than a comparable sized Class C Motor home.

Class C

The Class C RV is one of the most easily recognizable RVs, favored by family campers because of their size, and versatile storage options. A Class C RV is built on a normal van frame, with an attached cab and a full sleeper unit that extends over the cab space.

When selecting a class of RV, think of everything you want to be able to do with it, and your RV salesperson will be able to help you select the perfect RV.