Choosing an RV

There are a number of important considerations when choosing the best small RV for your lifestyle.

First, just how many people will your small RV need to accommodate? This will determine the number of beds and storage space you will need. Some small RVs have additional hidden bed features that convert the dining table and benches into extra beds.


How much cooking do you expect to do in a small RV? Some smaller RVs are designed with the home chef in mind, while other small RVs have strictly utilitarian kitchens.

What about the type of trips you plan to make in your small RV? Long distance trips mean more time actually spent in a small RV, so a very basic RV may not be as good a choice as a small RV with more options.

Which brings us to the real question; Are you looking for luxury, or will you choose a very basic type of small RV? This is a point you really should consider when choosing the best small RV for your lifestyle. Are there options you should look for now, or be disappointed about not having later? The best course of action is to attend an RV show to have a first hand look at all the styles of smaller RVs available in order to choose the best small RV for your lifestyle.