The Wonder of Scotland

Great Britain is a most popular tourist destination. The "United Kingdoms" are England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and each country has it's own distinctive identity making each considerably different. The population of each country are, in the main, fiercely proud of their roots and happily declare their relevant nationalities while also calling themselves to be British. While most people in the UK are happy to remain part of the Union there are a large number, especially in Scotland, who would wish to become independent. Read more »

Planning Your International Travel

There is nothing like international travel to broaden the mind and fortunately it is now something that almost anyone can afford. You do not need not be rich to engage in traveling this way; a well-planned itinerary is as close as your computer keyboard plus you can find a good airfare if you plan ahead and travel in the of peak seasons, generally in fall and spring. Read more »

Safe Travel Guide : Preparation Tips For An Enjoyable Vacation

There is nothing worse than having problems occur when you are on vacation, especially in a foreign land where many things are unfamiliar. Travel can be expensive enough as it is without expensive mistakes which could be avoided, resulting in a dislike for your chosen location and its people. Some people are affected so badly they will not leave the resort they are staying in which is not the way to spend a vacation. Your common sense is still the most trusted method of traveling safely so whether you are just walking down a street or dining out, if you feel a situation does not feel right then act accordingly. Read more »

Most Popular Visitor Attractions in New York

Seven days in New York City is just enough time to taste the best and still have plenty of energy left to play hard in the city that never sleeps. It may be a very busy visitor attraction but you couldn't visit New York without seeing the Empire State Building. The Top of the Rockefeller Center probably has the better view and who's arguing at more than 250m up, but expect to queue and be prepared for times when you cannot see anything in bad weather. Taking a ferry trip and stopping off at the former immigration center on Ellis Island will allow great views of the Statue of Liberty without the long delays that have been normal since 9/11. Read more »