The Essentials Needed for Backpacking and Hiking

Backpacking and hiking are two of the most thrilling choices in outdoor activities. These sports are being chosen by more and more people every year as a means of relaxation and physical fitness. Even families are getting in to the backpacking and hiking action. But, for the newer backpacking or hiking person, there are a few items that are required to stay safe and secure while backpacking. Read more »

Backpacking : Why is it Good?

When was the last time you took a long break? How about a long holiday? Well, I know that I am in desperate need to take a break but I am quite broke for now. Well, if you are like me, look no further. I can tell you how to go backpacking and why you should go backpacking. Read more »

UK Carp Fishing Bait Secrets Of Getting More Big Fish Bites!

Few carp fishermen realise that fish can switch their modes of feeding and you can exploit these and manipulate these to catch more fish! In fact you can make fish feed in the specific way you want by the form and size of baits you introduce as ground bait or chum making it ideal for far more natural and confident feeding leading to more bites. Read more »