Heavily involved were the television networks

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Hermes Replica 5, 2017, in Seattle.(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren). Houston Astros' Cameron Maybin swings for a two run home run during the seventh inning of a baseball game against the Seattle Mariners, Tuesday, Sept. The rest of the field will be scored on a 35 to 2 scale, and positions 36th to 40 will only receive 1 point.All bonus points accumulated through the 26 race regular season can be used in the 10 race playoff, which will no longer be called "The Chase.""There are no off weeks, every race matters, not only that, every lap of every race matters," said Denny Hamlin, one of the many drivers who participated on the panel that created the new format.Top Sports Photos: Venus William Through to US Open SemisNASCAR spent nearly seven months working with a wide range of industry stakeholders to come up with the changes. Heavily involved were the television networks, retired drivers Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton, current drivers from the driver council, and team and track executives. Monster Energy, which signed last month as the title sponsor for NASCAR's top series, was only informed of the shakeup in the last few weeks."If we created motorsports today, this is exactly how we would have done it," said 2012 champion Brad Keselowski.NASCAR is energized by the changes, particularly the stages that will allow for a commercial break that doesn't occur during green flag racing. Hermes Replica

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