She was away at college and went to their local Carmax and

Ned Kelly Uncovered follows the first ever excavation of the Glenrowan Inn site where the iconic Australian bushranger and his gang holed up for a showdown with police.The dramatic siege which lasted over 24 hours, ended with Ned Kelly's capture and the death of gang members Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. Nearly 130 years later, can a team of archaeologists and historians reveal new insight into Ned Kelly's final moments of freedom?More than a century after the Kelly Gang rode the ranges of Victoria and NSW, holding up towns and stealing thousands of pounds, opinion remains passionately divided between those who love Kelly as a persecuted champion of the poor and those who dismiss him as a cold blooded killer and thief.Will the dig site shed new light on the motivations of a man cast into legend by history? Or have souvenir hunters destroyed any chance historians have of uncovering the truth?With specialist commentary from Kelly experts Ian Jones and Alex McDermott, this one hour documentary follows a seven week dig led by archaeologist Adam Ford.As the archaeologists unearth a host of artefacts including cartridges and bullets, the scientists conduct tests with fascinating results. Meanwhile, the historians strip back the myth, piecing together the clues to give a detailed new look at an iconic Australian, literally from the ground up..

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