“I’m going to have to sell my business

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replica ray bans The shutters had caved into the shop, the bricks have gone and whole front had gone."I've never had any problems like this before. The woman living above the shop saw the car ram its way in three times."It's just a joke I'm trying to earn an honest living and it's been taken away from me."I had that much anger inside of me I could have done anything. If I could have got my hands on them I wouldn't have been accountable for my actions."The thieves got away with an empty shop till from counter nothing else was taken.But Michael, who has two children, aged 13 and four, says he will be closing up the business for good over fears it could happen again.He added: "We had a cash box hidden underneath the counter but they didn't find it."I've just had enough I've worked hard to get this place up and running and look at the state of it now."I'm going to have to sell my business."It's enough to make me want to leave the city altogether."He believes the raid is linked to the riots, and asked: "Why do innocent people have to suffer because of the mindless act of these yobs? If they have a problem they should go to the government about it not take it out on members of the public replica ray bans.

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