“I don’t know what is going to happen

Speaking about his original decision to hire her, Ismet said: idea came after I realised that all the TV stations in Albania had more or less the same face and the same political message from either the left or the right, and I wanted to offer something independent and with a fresh face. Added: told her [Enki] she should concentrate on the journalism and her studies, and told her to not go ahead and do this photoshoot. An insider at the channel said: should not be showing off everything she has, the beauty of the idea was to keep some mystery..

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Canada Goose Outlet Some of her favorites are striped shirts (she says they look good on everyone), jean jackets (because you can throw it on over anything), skinny jeans (Jones says to try a colored pair this summer) and tall and short boots (in neutrals so they go with any outfit)."Shopping is definitely a vice of mine," she says and laughs. "I get bored with my clothes really easily, so I go shopping a lot. I usually wear things a few times and then sell them to one of my friends, but I'm trying to get more use out of my clothes by mixing and matching trendy pieces and by buying more staple items."Because she loves to shop, Jones can be found at Beautique Boutique a few times a month Canada Goose Outlet.

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