Small campers are fuel efficient and easy to tow

Small campers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are convenient for traveling. Many come with a bed and a kitchen that are very adequate. Bicycles can be stored on the camper for transport to trails. Many small campers are ventilated and have windows for letting in air. Traveling with a small camper is easy and they can be connected to the vehicle in little time.

Little Guy is a company that makes an array of small teardrop campers. They are built with an alufiber roof and fiberglass or aluminum sidewalls. Double locking entry doors that have a slider window and screens are included. Little Guy small campers are sporty and come with aluminum fenders and alloy mag wheels. The interior has carpeted wall and linoleum flooring. Each trailer is equipped with lights and a large roof vent. A custome tri fold mattress and a full sized gally are featured.

For campers that are lightwieght and that can be easily towed there are the Scamp model campers. They are aerodynamic in size and have high fuel effiency. A standard two burner stove is included that is very easy to operate. It has an icebox and an optional three way refrigerator to keep food fresh and easy to access. Scamp campers comes with large sliding windows for light and ventilation. Cabinet space is ample and will provided storage for many goods.

Traveling with a small camper is a convenient way for family and friends to go on camping adventures. Many models are equipped with toilets and there are options for having a water heater included. Campers can be custom made by the owner to fit exact specifications. They can provide many trips to the outdoors and are easy to tow. Small campers are very maneuvarable and dependable to operate.