The legacy of Jayco Recreational Vehicles

The founder of Jayco travel trailers Inc. was a man driven by faith and vision. The company was founded in 1968 with an aim to make a better RV for the world. He finally was able to have a company for which was a representation of his beliefs. In the company, everyone was treated like family therefore ending up with a trend setter as far as RVs are concerned.

The company has since been able to create a range of top notch recreational vehicles from his novel prototype camping trailer. It had a unique lifter with a fold down system for campers to use. This is the design that was patented and is still in use to date. The company has lived to the promise of upholding quality and affordable products that some of their competitors only consider as an added piece of luxury.
With beginnings from farm chicken houses and a barn, the company has grown steadily with employing up to 1,600 people to work for them. Today Jayco serves up to 25,000 clients each given year.

The company has relied on weight as a plus for their stand in the market. This is because, the lighter the RV is the lesser the fuel consumed. And with the run away fuel prices, may buyers will consider such a bargain. The RV has some super rigid as well as lite frames in addition the TuffShell vacuum-bonded walls, floor as well as roofs that have lamination.

They have an aerodynamic body that assists in its movement. This is an RV that has successfully been able to maintain space as well as its light weight. The Jay Feather are also RV products from the company that are known to be the lightest recreational vehicles they are spacious and have more amenities where they use the acronym "live large, tow small."