Should I buy a smaller camper?

With the rising price of fuel, more and more people are looking to pull small campers. They are lot more light weight and can be a nice portable room that you do not have to make every day. There are several smaller trailers that would work for this. Some are the pop-up tent trailers that can be hauled by a lighter vehicle. These are nice because they are small to store as well as easy to haul. You can all the way fancy with the shower included and a speaker system, or just do the essentials.

Fiberglass trailers are another option, some call them an Egg. The smell though of these ones are pretty strong, and sometimes thats the buying decision. There is a very small trailor called a teardrop trailor. It is enough room for probably one person, or, for some people that really want to be outside and enjoy camping. Another catagory would be the ultra-light weight trailors that are less than 2000 pounds.

Depending on what your needs are, one of these might work for you. For myself, I do not have a lot of room for storage and I have a small SUV. I can pull the pop-up camper with my car and it works perfect for me. It has enough room to hold 4 comfortably, or 6 using the table as a bed. The bottom line is to figure out what your basic needs are as well as your budget. The type of car you will be using should also be in question as you dont want to strain your engine.

There are both used and new ones in the local RV dealerships by you, but online you can find much more. With the economy, more and more people are using used products. Do your research and find the one that works for you.