A recession economy and the RV lifestyle

Living life on the open road, limited only by where the asphalt ends- the small campers lifestyle appeals to both the weekend traveler and the adventurous retiree, and with good reason. There is a lot to be said about the freedom that comes with a house on wheels, but rises in gas prices and savings losses from the economic downturn can put a damper on the most ambitious of travel plans. Luckily, the wide range of small campers available on the market today bring the RV lifestyle into reach even when the stock market hasn't been the best friend to you.

One of the most obvious advantages of choosing a small trailer is the lower price tag. However, a smaller camper will help you to save beyond that bottom line. A lighter frame means less gas is consumed, and these savings can add up quickly. A compact trailer may also need less horsepower to tow, so the purchase of one may not necessitate the purchase of a more powerful truck to trail it behind. Less square footage also means less space is needed to store your camper when not in use- which can be a great help with storage costs, or when your permanent home is lacking in acreage.

Small campers don't necessarily mean cramped style! Many models that are on the market make very efficient use of space, so you may not even notice the reduced square footage. Combining features (for instance, an eating area that folds out into a bed) makes your space work harder for you. The designers of small campers do extensive research to determine what features are truly needed, and how to best fit them into a trailer or camper. No matter what draws you to life on the road, a small camper is a great way to travel without breaking the budget.