Do You Want To Sell Your RV on Consignment?

by Clint Westfall

1. What should I do to get my RV ready to sell? Need to have paperwork up to date and ready such as date you bought it, number of previous owner, receipt for service done on it, take pictures to put on the web, need help with pictures see any of the featured dealers for help.

2. How do I find out what the value of my RV is? Our featured dealers can do a assessment on the RV if they have all the pertinent information that can help determine a good selling price, or, you can visit which is the web sit for Kelly Blue Book.

3. RV's should be in what condition? The better shape it is in the faster it will sell. You can always bring it to one of the featured dealers and have them get it into shape with a good detail job, and any servicing it may need.

4. What kind of time does it take to sell a RV? Our featured dealer can give you a estimate time frame according to the market, you have to take into consideration condition, price, floor plan, and year.

5. Warranty is still good on my RV? Warranties can be transferred, upon type you purchased. The featured dealer can also supply warrantees if needed.

6. Do I need to do anything with my registration? No, just keep it current till you sell it.

7. Can I cancel my insurance now that I want to sell it? No, you will need to keep it insured.

8. I still owe on my RV? Call who the loan is threw and ask them, their policy.

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