Why GPS Units Are Helpful

by Justin Clark

My family and recently took a trip to Florida. We rented a lovely minivan and spent several days visiting family, animal attractions, etc. When we were planning the trip, we realized that we'd have to either print off a bunch of maps to get everywhere we were going, or rent a GPS unit, or buy a GPS unit to help us get around.

For ease of travel, we decided we'd use a GPS rather than maps. We also decided we'd buy a GPS rather than rent one because rental rates run $10 a day or so, so buying would save us money in the long run. We'd also have it to use on other trips as well.

We totally loved our GPS on that Florida trip and have used it several times since. We settled on a Garmin 550c that we got off eBay. We got an incredible deal on it and found that it worked terrifically.

What that little GPS unit did was make our trip go smooth! It helped us find all kinds of places. We'd punch in where we wanted to go and it'd help us figure out how long it'd take us to get there as well as help us find new places to visit along the way.

My sister brought her Magellan brand GPS unit. She'd thought it'd be helpful as well. However, hers got her into all kinds of problems because it couldn't figure out where she was and/or couldn't figure out how to tell her to get places.

Obviously, from her experience, we learned that it pays to get a high-quality brand of GPS units! It wasted a lot of her time and cost her extra money as well trying to deal with that little machine.

Getting a GPS unit for any of your navigational needs is a fantastic idea. We've really enjoyed ours and highly recommend them to anyone who asks!

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