The Game of Paintball

by Joseph Then

I don't know a thing about you but I'll bet that you may not know what paintball is. Well, paintball is a highly competitive sport. It is a strategy game and almost war like. So, if you are interested to know more about paintball, you should read on. For starters, let me tell you that paintball is played between two teams who will then try to defeat each other.

So how do they defeat each other? The two teams will try to defeat each other by marking players from the opposing teams to try to eliminate the players.

In this way, you have to carry on picking off players from your opponent's side while trying to keep yourselves unmarked by their paintballs. There are no fixed game rules and these are liable to change depending on the teams. Objectives of the game may vary from the simple elimination of all of the members of the opposing team, to capturing a flag the other team may have planted at an appointed or hidden place.

Paintball can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Even the young ones can enjoy a game of paintball. Remember, paintball can be recreational too. It can build teamwork and foster friendship. Paintball is gaining popularity all over the world. More and more people are introduced to this fun game annually.

Paintball can be a test of strategy and help in developing one's physical strength and mental character. It is not only restricted to men playing the game; women too are participating in ever increasing numbers and doing very well at that!

So when did paintball emerge? The first concept was first introduced in 1970. The first paintball game was played as late as in the 1980's. Since then, people have developed and being adapted into different formats.

The basic aspect of the game is basically just an olden shootout style and it is a game of trying to capture the enemy's object, most likely a flag. It is like an enlarged version of cat-and-mouse, scaled down version of war-game. Paintball tests your skills and strategy.

Paintball can be adapted to suit your objective and game style. Paintball can be played anywhere. You can choose simple terrains like a park to a harder terrain like the woods. It is all up to you. It only adds on to the fun and challenge.

In conclusion, paintball is one of the best ways to have fun with family and friends and to blow off some steam. However, you may need to purchase protective gears like paintball guns, markers, goggles and also some protective equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Go look for a terrain and start paintballing!

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