Motorcycle Helmets – U Never Run Out Of Decisions

by John Daniele

There are advantages and disadvantages in the many types of motorcycle helmets offered on the market these days. These are design for safety while try to feel comfy on your head. Examine which feature if not both are for you in a motorcycle helmet. Lets go over what some of the helmets have to offer.

A full- face helmet is probably the most used kind of helmet. The helmet of this kind engulfs not only the head but offers protection to the face. As far as motorcycle mishaps go 1/3 of all mishaps have resulted to injury to the face. Considering this fact anything that helps keep the face from being injured is most welcomed. These helmets protect you well cut are not necessarily built for comfort. They have been accused of causing the neck to be hurt. These claims are however unsubstantiated.

A helmet called a half helmet is available bit is the least safe of the helmets okayed in the USA. A bit like the open face helmet design the half helmet is round and protects more the top of the head. Offers poor protection to the lower head area and neck. Virtually no facial protection at all which is not very safe conscious. The other negative to this helmet is that it moves on the head due to its shape.

As with the full-face motorcycle helmets the open face helmets truly do protect the head but unlike the full-face ones the open face ones do not protect the face and chin. The rider who may prefer to have this wider range of vision will find this helmet fits the bill but they do sacrifices greatly on safety for their face. Some models do have the mounts for an individual to add a visor. Motorcyclists do seem to enjoy using this particular style of helmet.

Another variety of helmet is the flip up helmet. This is the flip up helmet. This one includes the safety of the full-face helmet which both go over the head, chin, and face. You can though lift up the guard for the chin and face. This frees up the facial area when need be without taking the helmet off the head.

Now we come to the helmets for motocross, which are very similar to the full-face helmets. The motocross helmet has a wider chin area and the visor is wider. Also the visor is designed in a special way so that the rider can wear goggle replacing a regular visor. The reason that the chin guard is wider is to better protect the chin area because motorcross rides really whack their faces in all the falls they take.

There is a helmet on the market that has not passed the DOT or Snell standards it is called a beanie helmet. This type of motorcycle helmets makes the rider appear to be wearing an approved helmet. Some riders just absolutely hate the heavier helmets so they wear beanie helmets to keep from getting tickets when riding. These helmets should never be used though because they do not protect the rider. Shop for a motorcycle helmet wisely and purchase one that is functional and safe.

It can be confusing to make a decision when looking at all the styles of motorcycle helmets on which will fit you best. Analyze how and where you use your motorcycle to help you decide on how much you need to be protected. Don't make the mistake of thinking you don't need to play it safe with a helmet. Be smart and be safe.

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