HJC Motorcycle Helmets – Experts At Making Helmets

by John Daniele

Manufacturing helmets have been part of HJC Helmets business for many years in fact it started in 1971. The fact that they have been making hjc motorcycle helmets for so long and making them quite high quality as well is the reason that HJC is #1 in North America. They are also #1 in the world which is amazing. They try to keep the prices to where the average motorcyclist can afford one. One of the more expensive high-grade helmets that they have is the AC series. Here are some of the helmets that HJC Helmets make.

This company has a complete selection of hjc motorcycle helmets. Open-Face Helmets, Street Full-Face Helmets, and Off-Road Helmets are the categories of motorcycle helmets. They also make other helmets such as the auto helmets and snowmobile helmets. No need to shop elsewhere with a selection like this whatever one needs the helmet for.

If the biker wants total protection of head and face they should choose the Street Full-Face Helmets. One model that is good is the AC-12 El Diablo. This has an Anti-fog face shield and the helmet is made from fiberglass composite weave that makes it very light weight wise. The biker even gets sheltered from 95% of the UV rays with the face shield. It keeps the head from getting so hot with how easy the air passes through the helmet. DOT and Snell have both certified this helmet.

If the biker is going to be dirt trailing then they need an Off-Road Helmet. It is built for dirt! With a large eye ports goggle wear better. One of the helmets in this group is the AC-X3 Carbon. Carbon fiber composite weave is what material this helmet is made form. This helmet has lived up to not only DOT standards but Snell standards too.

Open-Face/Cruiser Helmets protect the rider similar to the Full-Face do except no face protection unless you have a flip up face shield. The CL-33 Solid is part of this group. This helmet is made form an Advanced Polycarbonate Composite material. Also this model has a flip-up 3D face shield that provides UV protection. This is also DOT approved.

HJC does not stop at hjc motorcycle helmets it makes other helmets too. These other helmets are for use in snowmobiling and auto racing. They each have several styles. The snowmobile ones come in three classifications Full-Face, Youth, and Off-Road. The auto helmets have different style models. What wonderful variety this company offers.

The helmets do not last forever though they must be replaced. Whether it is slightly damaged in a crash or sometimes worse, you need to be aware there are other reasons to replace a helmet also. The sun can cause UV damage over time other usage wear and tear as in the padding are other reason to replace it. For a rule to follow the biker should get a new helmet every 3 to 5 years.

Bikers can buy with confidence of getting a great helmet when buying from HJC. After all HJC Helmets has been cranking out hjc motorcycle helmets for 37 years. The biker will not mind paying the prices on this helmet either. A biker should always safeguard their lives wearing a good safety rated helmet like these.

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