Camper Van Extras

by John Douglas

Recreational vehicles often come with just the basic facilities to serve your needs. If you want to purchase or hire a motorhome or camper van, you may wish to consider what optional extras could help you enjoy a more comfortable journey. Many first timers are often swayed by the external looks of a camper, that they forget about what facilities they actually require and end up paying a lot extra later on. Optional extras are often cheaper when taken at the time of a new van purchase.

When choosing a RV to rent or buy, its a good idea to consider the size of the camper or motorhome with regards to the size of your family. Young children take up a lot less space than a few teenagers. Size is just one of several factors to take into account as well as whether you wish to hire or purchase a relatively new or used vehicle.

I would like to mention a few of the available optional extras that you may like to consider with a new or even used RV. No matter what you decide now, you can always add extras as you find the need, but it will probably cost you more. Take some time to pick out the right ones now and you can start out with the maximum comfort.

Campers often have plenty of seating, some for up to eight people, but may only sleep four or five at the most. This is often made up of two adults and two children or sometimes three young children. A camper should be spacious enough in the day time so as to allow ease of movement for all the family. At night, space is often at a premium due to the nature of bed arrangements. Generally even the cheapest will have some daytime space, the expense is often down to how much space is required at night. Try to find the right mix for your budget.

After the sleeping arrangments, the next thing you should check is the living area and kitchen. Among the best facilities, some of which are only optional, we could include air conditioners, microwaves, water heaters, furnaces, not to mention TV and sound systems. Solar panels are one other great additional element, that meets both ecological and comfort purposes. Moreover, if you want to personalize your camper van, there are many companies that offer customizing services. Thus, you can decide for yourself the colour of the upholstery, whether its leather or fabric and even down to what floor covering is used.

A high quality comfortable leather drivers seat is desirable for those long road trips. In truth most campers have comfortable driver seats, but if you intend to buy one, leather will offer you the most durability. You can never have enough storage and optional extra storage compartments are well worth the added investment. Some storage compartments come with liquid coolers and some are even built into the floor.

Campers with simple designs and minimalistic decorations not only make the van interior look more spacious, but can also be very stylish and elegant. Some extras you may wish to consider are flushing toilets and a functional shower. However, as always remember that for all such improvements it is best to keep as much space available for interior movement, so that your extras do not impede on your comfort levels.

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