Bonsai Supplies…Trick or Treat?

by Rick Lasslett

It can be daunting when first exploring the available information on growing Bonsai trees. You may be tempted to think it's all too hard or too complicated. So you may just give up before you even start, or not continue with your existing project. One secret is to use a good reliable source of Bonsai supplies and just DO IT.

Growing truly beautiful and long lasting Bonsai is more than a skill it's an art. But before you can become a master of the art you must learn the skills. Using good quality supplies is a necessary crucial step in applying the skills you will learn, to achieve the best results. If your Bonsai supplies are not up to par, then you are behind the eight ball before you even start.

With the right supplies readily available, this is one area of your project that is already taken care of. Now you can concentrate on the job at hand and not be limited by a lack of the proper Bonsai supplies, be that soil mix, fertiliser, tools, wire or whatever is necessary to do the job!

Proper or good supplies means simply Bonsai tools and other supplies that are of good quality and appropriate for the task to be performed. You would not want your tree to suffer because you had soil that did not drain well or shears that are blunt and rusty.

So although it may not be a matter of life and death for you, your plants will certainly appreciate your choice of good Bonsai supplies.

Now this is not to suggest that unless you have on hand everything that is available in Bonsai supplies, you will fail to achieve a beautiful result. What you need most is the desire and patience to learn the skills, then practice those skills over time until you have mastered the art.

There will be failures that will disappoint you, but the successes will more than compensate for those times. The sheer pleasure of turning an otherwise ordinary tree into a proper Bonsai tree is what will keep you going.

Your Bonsai supplies will become second nature to you then. You will have the knowledge of what works and what doesn't. If someone asks you about how to grow Bonsai you will be able to answer with authority.

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