Bonsai Supplies…Make or Break?

by Rick Lasslett

It can be daunting when first exploring the available information on growing Bonsai trees. You may be tempted to think it's all too hard or too complicated. So you may just give up before you even start, or not continue with your existing project. One secret is to use a good reliable source of Bonsai supplies and just DO IT.

Growing truly beautiful and long lasting Bonsai is more than a skill it's an art. But before you can become a master of the art you must learn the skills. Using good quality supplies is a necessary crucial step in applying the skills you will learn, to achieve the best results. If your Bonsai supplies are not up to par, then you are behind the eight ball before you even start.

When you have the right supplies on hand that is one thing less you have to concern yourself with. You can now focus on the task before you without being limited by a lack of proper Bonsai supplies, be that tools, soil mix, fertiliser or whatever.

Proper Bonsai supplies meansjust that. Bonsai supplies that are appropriate for the job and of good quality. The last thing you want is for your tree to die because your soil mixture doesn't drain well, or you need to prune immediately, but you find your shears are rusty and blunt.

It may not seem much of a big deal to you but your plants will certainly love you for it.

Of course I am not suggesting that you will fail to achieve a beautiful result unless you have everything you need readily available and of top quality. What is more important is the desire to learn the techniques and the patience to put them into practice until you have mastered the art.

You will have failures that will dismay you, but you will have successes that will outweigh those times. Those successes along with the sheer pleasure of nurturing a Bonsai tree from just a tree to a fully fledged Bonsai is what will keep you going.

Your Bonsai supplies will become second nature to you then. You will have the knowledge of what works and what doesn't. If someone asks you about how to grow Bonsai you will be able to answer with authority.

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