What Makes The Black Knight Rechargeable Flashlight So Popular?

by David Winthrup

The Black Knight Rechargeable Flashlight is a series of flashlight products that are produced by Pelican Products. These flashlights are built, to withstand rough handling and weather. They can also be used underwater and in extreme temperatures, and are virtually unbreakable. The durable body of the flashlight comes with convenient thermo-plastic rubber grips for maximum use and support.

As well as the other parts of the flashlight, the lenses can also be exposed to extreme weather climates. Each of the flashlights have durable failsafe switches included. The flashlights are also water-resistant, sealed with o-rings, and include a smart charge feature. The Black Knight rechargeable flashlight brand includes models such as the M9, M11 and M13.

The Black Knight M9 with Fast Charger flashlight is a high performance flashlight that comes with a thermoplastic sure-grip body. The high pressure Xenon lamp provides a brilliant white light beam as well. This lens of this flashlight is built using polycarbonate materials that will withstand almost any treatment. The fast charger switch can be used even if the user is wearing thick gloves, and it comes with a variety of additional features including an economic trickle charger.

The Black Knight M11 with Fast Charge model uses a 4 C NiCad rechargeable stick battery. This battery also comes with a light weight high pressure Xenon lamp. The non-slip vinyl sheath around the flashlight is resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

The Black Knight M13 Rechargeable Laser Pro System is a submersible multi-use spotlight flashlight that uses a xenon back-up dual filament safety bulb. It has extremely durable ABS casing and a polycarbonate lens. The thermoplastic rubber sheath around the flashlight helps this flashlight to retain its watertight characteristics for up to 500 feet underwater.

Besides its many other traits the Black Knight M13 flashlight has a rechargeable Laser Pro and battery pack. Every one of these flashlights are of the finest quality, and great for demanding jobs.

Keep in mind that each Black Knight rechargeable flashlight have their own advantages and disadvantages. Do not get caught up with each and every feature. Spend some time with yourself and figure out your needs first. Then try your best to match your needs with the product; not the other way around.

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