Tips In Birdhouse Design

by Chris Channing

There are many different types of birds that are accustomed to different environments. Because this is true, not any single birdhouse will be able to accommodate every bird in a certain region. If an avid bird watcher wants to house a specific bird, it then becomes necessary to learn the intricacies of bird housing.

Just like some humans prefer to live in a congregation (although for sometimes different purposes), birds will often nest with others of their species instead of opting for the general birdhouse. If that is the case, a birdhouse that has multiple compartments for a small flock of birds is necessary. The result often looks like an apartment complex in the sky, and can be a real joy for bird lovers to view.

The average birdhouse has a rather large hole so that medium and large birds can take residence as well as small birds. But for the swallow, these over sized holes can be dangerous to their health, and they will not commonly take residence in a birdhouse that has an entry point that is larger than an inch and a half in diameter. Therefore, swallows and other birds can only usually be seen when proper hole lengths are created.

The classic birdhouse, which is only one compartment, appeals to birds such as the woodpecker. Such birds are fine with not nesting with other birds of their type, do not usually need a specific hole margin, and will generally live in a wide variety of birdhouses. This means that the average birdhouse obtained or made can appeal to a wide variety of birds- just like the woodpecker. But in the woodpecker's case, they don't add cushion to their nests, so adding a bit of woodchips will help provide safety for eggs.

Other types of birds will need a large space in which to build their own nest in. Just like the woodpecker, the Great Crested Flycatcher will be able to make use of most conventional birdhouses. But this bird will attempt to make its own nest in the birdhouse- meaning it should be slightly larger than the average birdhouse most are accustomed to. It's important to include an easy way of cleaning the birdhouse when making them.

Many types of birds are perfectly fine with making a conventional nest in a tree or bush- and bird watchers don't necessarily need to provide special housing just to enjoy a good view of nature. But in the case of bird watchers who enjoy up close action, and views of specific birds, setting out the right birdhouse can mean all the difference.

Final Thoughts

Bird watching can be a very enjoyable sport for the elderly, or for anyone with a good appreciation of nature. Whatever the case, putting out the correct birdhouse in order to see a certain type of species of bird will be necessary for bird watchers to get maximum effect from nature. If all else fails, buying a birdhouse from the hardware department of many general stores can make the process much simpler in design and in terms of effort.

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