The best places in Kenya for safari and beach holidays

by Nick Roberts

Our holidays are meant to be memorable but there are times that our plans become repetitive and we end up with something a little less than desirable. Kenya holidays are so far out of the ordinary that this unique destination makes for the most unforgettable memories and you long for the day when you can go back.

Not all people wish to travel in the summer. Many people choose Kenya holidays because they like to holiday in the during the winter months. This is a tropical area that sees its share of rain to keep the land lush and fertile but without the cold temperatures. The rain in this part of the globe is fast paced and doesn't usually stick around to mess up your long sunny days.

The sights are impeccable with the green-blue waters of the Indian Ocean shimmering in the distance, the tropical foliage and palm trees swaying back and forth, the lush gardens sweeping across acres of land, and the wilderness plains that seem almost haunting. But that is only from the mainland of Kenya. Kenya holidays are not only about what is above the sea level but below as well. People come from all over the world to discover the rare magnificence of the vibrant marine life.

There are so many things to do on Kenya holidays that it is sometimes quite hard to fit all of the possibilities into one trip. There is one however that stands out in the crowd, one that is the envy of the whole wide world. You guessed it, the safaris. Taking a Kenyan safari throughout the wilderness is as exciting as it comes. Watching the untamed beasts roam their land is mesmerizing while providing that adventurous feel. The safaris are affordable and Kenya holidays just wouldn't be the same with out them.

The wealth of activities will definitely keep the motivated tourists busy on their Kenya holidays. So if just lounging on the beaches or relaxing at a local bar or restaurant isn't your style and you wish to have something a little faster paced then you'll love the various sports available to you. From traditional sports like tennis and volleyball to 39 challenging golf courses, you can find something to fit your needs. Don't forget the diving and boating adventures in some of the most beautiful waters in the world!

To make Kenya holidays genuinely unique you should enjoy a stay in a tree house. Yes that's right, The cove Luxury tree houses are perfect for the most memorable Kenya experience. These tropical huts on stilts are located on the beach of a secluded cove, set amongst palm trees that are abundant along with some of the most colorful foliage you'll ever see. While stepping out on your veranda you can view the sparkling ocean any time your heart desires.

The Leopard Beach Resort is a fine location which is perfect for taking advantage of all Kenya holidays offer to guests. Not only is the landscape awe inspiring but the turquoise water of the ocean that surrounds this resort is vibrantly brilliant. This facility offers a fantastic selection of perks to enhance Kenya holidays for its patrons such as: glass bottom boat excursions, wind surfing, kayaking and so much more.

The Sun n Sand beach resort makes Kenya holidays special for a number of reasons and the affordable price makes it an added pleasure. Free scuba diving lessons are only one of the benefits of choosing this specific location. Besides the obvious beauty this grand structure has everything needed for family fun and romantic settings. The nightlife entertainment is culturally unique and inviting for all couples wishing to spend a great time together after the sun goes down.

The picturesque setting, the alluring atmosphere, the active pleasure, the romantic essence, and the adventurous tone make Kenya holidays an unforgettable journey for the whole family or the loving couple.

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