Taking a Holiday in Cornwall

by Steve Woodward

For many years now, people have been visiting the County of Cornwall in the UK because it offers a more traditional seaside holiday. However, although the traditional seaside holiday is still a favourite with young and old alike, some people are looking for a little bit more in their Cornwall holidays today. Yes as you will soon discover Cornwall can offer you much more than just sun, sea, sand and clotted cream teas.

Today not only can you spend time relaxing on the beach but you may want to try out some of the many different water sports that are now on offer. In fact for those who are involved in surfing and windsurfing many will make numerous trips to Cornwall, simply because it offers some of the best winds and waves for them to ride on.

Along with the water, sports there are plenty of other activities and places of interest that you can visit. Also today, some of the countries most well known chef's including Rick Stein have restaurants located in some of the towns located around the County. This provides you with the chance to try some superb food at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay in their restaurants in London.

Yet even though the county is now catering to the needs of the older generation there is still plenty to do for families. One place which when it opened back at the beginning of this century is "The Eden Project" which has now been included as a World Heritage Site alongside the likes of the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon. It is here where you get the chance to learn about what effect global warming is having on the planet and things that we can do in order to prevent the situation from becoming any worse.

One other reason why so many people choose Cornwall as their vacation spot is that no matter where you stay you are only ever a short drive away from its coastline. Also, there are plenty of other beautiful natural features for you to see and visit as well. Plus within a short while you can actually head in to the next county along (Devon) and take a peruse around its quaint villages and towns as well.

But along with the beautiful beaches why not take a trip up to either Bodmin Moor or Dartmoor in order to see some of the native animals to be found in the UK. Along with the Dartmoor, ponies there are deer and you may even come across the Beast of Bodmin during your visit.

When it comes to staying in Cornwall, you have a number of different choices to make. You can stay in either a hotel or a B&B (Bed and Breakfast). Whilst if there is a large group of you intending to take a visit to the area why not rent a holiday cottage instead.

So whether you want a vacation that allows you to relax and unwind or one where you can get involved in some great activities, then Cornwall may be the ideal place to go. As you will soon find there are plenty of places online that offer a wide variety of different Cornwall holidays for you to look at and possibly book as your next vacation trip.

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