Safe Travel Guide Tips

by James Redder

You can almost guarantee that if there is going to be a problem it will be when you are on vacation in an unfamiliar place but by following a few simple rules, the consequences can be minimized. Travel can be expensive enough as it is without expensive mistakes which could be avoided, resulting in a dislike for your chosen location and its people. Some people are affected so badly they will not leave the resort they are staying in which is not the way to spend a vacation. The most important weapon in your armory to travel safely is your common sense so don't dismiss this invaluable ability if you want to enjoy your vacation.

Whatever it is you are doing or wherever you are, when you get that feeling that something doesn't feel right, that is your instinct; learn to listen to it. When you go out to discover new places, bars and restaurants, think about what you are taking with you; are all your credit cards, passport and airline tickets for example necessary where you are going? Consider just what you require for your trip out and take that, placing everything else that is of importance in your room or hotel safe.

A handy tip is to place a small amount of money in a number of locations like bags or pockets then if you happen to lose a bag, visa card or money, you will still have something there to keep you going until it can be resolved.

Unfortunately, the convenience of having two credit cards on the same account in your own country can be a problem in a foreign land so another travel safely tip is to use two completely separate accounts; this provides a back-up should one be lost or stolen. Some people just make it easy for snatch thieves who specialize in grabbing bags and cameras from unsuspecting tourists who have them hanging from their shoulder; to prevent this make sure the strap is over the head as well.

Some of the easiest crimes involve snatch thieves that may actually work in teams; they locate unsuspecting victims who have a bag on their shoulder for instance that can be easily grabbed by a passing cycle or scooter. There are many ways to scam tourists and you are vulnerable when you are on vacation so it is an easy task as these people are very good at what they do.

It is often our arrogance that lets us become victims of theft and other deceptions because we do not believe that anyone will pull the wool over our eyes but this is how the criminals earn their living. If you carry a bag of any kind, buy yourself a small padlock or combination lock as the few dollars you spend will be well worth it as it will deter the majority of sneak thieves. To prevent you losing your keys, trying using a small D-Shackle, like they use in rock climbing and while it doesn't lock it acts as a deterrent for unwanted hands getting into your bag.

One of the biggest problems is with wallets as the vast majority of men carry them in a back pocket and this is an easy target for any criminal so try varying your normal routine and place it in a front pocket or similar. The majority of problems could be avoided if people didn't let their guard down, which is common on vacation; if you can remember to travel safely, it won't halt your enjoyment but could stop many untoward events from happening.

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