Must-Haves for Frequent Travelers: Yearly Travel Insurance

by C. Ray Sondeo

Visitor health insurance is a good insurance option that has appealed the market for a particular target population. Generally, the targeted population consists of travelers. Many visitors are keen on visiting different countries for different reasons.

Some travel for the purpose of relaxation during their summer holidays which serve as a break from hectic routines. While for some the aim of traveling is meeting their relatives or friends living in a particular country. Traveling for business is very common as well. Even if any of these reasons may be accountable for traveling visitor health insurance is a must for anybody who travels to a foreign land.

Visitor health insurance plans are of several types. Annual plans are one of them. Such plans can be useful to people who have to travel more than once during the same year. Typically such people are the ones traveling for business purposes. Such an annual visitor health insurance is also called as overseas medical insurance.

It is designed to cover medical expenses, trip delays, personal accident, loss of passport and other such risks that you may encounter while traveling abroad. These policies may be available as joint policies or single policies. Such policies can be extended to include the family as well. In case of kids, the premium is varied in proportion to their ages while in case of the spouse, the premium varies from company to company.

A number of risks that a traveler might face are covered by the annual visitor health insurance. First and foremost, the risk of personal belongings being destroyed, stolen or lost. Each company decides a specified amount that it will offer per article of personal nature.

These annual visitor insurance policies are formulated in such a way that they can cover any loss of money while you undertake international travel ventures. These policies also tend to cover inadvertent delay in the belongings that causes a person some kind of discomfort or loss. Person's medical condition is also taken into account by such companies and also extend to include medical and emergency expenses in foreign country. The policy chosen by the customer largely depends on the liability of the company.

Annual visitors medical insurance policies are usually single trip in nature. It thus permits only one trip in a year. The trip period may be up to ninety days in case the traveler is less than sixty years of age. If the traveler is more than sixty years of age, then he can take a holiday for a period of forty-two days while being covered by such a policy. Many of the annual policies may cover cancellation costs that a traveler may have to suffer.

Most annual policies also cover personal accidents, delayed departures, personal liabilities, legal assistance required in foreign land, loss of passport and so on. Some companies also include some of the unique features like winter sport cover, disaster cover in light of a natural calamity and so on. Many of these insurance companies are now extending their visitors insurance policies to cover wars and acts of terrorism as well.

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