Information and Tips on a Holiday to Bulgaria

by Steve Woodward

If you are looking for something different from your next holiday, then why not consider visiting Bulgaria. Although for many years the country has been associated with rowdy parties of students drinking cheap wine this is far from the image that Bulgaria now has

Many people choose to visit Bulgaria for one reason and one reason only and that is to spend time on its unspoilt beautiful beaches. Yet if you are feeling like you need a little bit more to do then why not consider spending time exploring the surrounding countryside either on horseback or hiking along one of the many well maintained trails.

The weather in Bulgaria compared to some other countries in Europe is very temperate. The summers are hot and dry whilst the winters are cold and damp. If you want to miss these extremes in the weather the best times for visiting this country is between April and mid June.

However, if you want to get some sun then going to Bulgaria between the middle of June and September should be considered. But be aware that the costs of accommodation increase and if you don't book well in advance then getting accommodation will be very difficult indeed. In fact if you intend to visit any of Bulgaria's Black Coast resorts book your accommodation several months in advance to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

But if you want to see a different side of Bulgaria then you should try and arrange time to visit in September. This is when the trees are beginning to show their autumn colors and fruit and vegetables are in plentiful supply. Plus getting accommodation is far easier and the rates you will be charged will be a lot lower.

However, if you intend to go skiing in Bulgaria then again the resorts that it has are growing in popularity with many from around Europe. So you need to start making your holiday arrangements sooner rather than later. The main ski season in Bulgaria runs from the middle of December and may last as long as until April.

When it comes to getting to Bulgaria nothing could be simpler. Nearly every major airport in Europe is offering direct flights to the airport in Sofia, including its own airline Bulgaria Air. This is the national airline which took over from Balkan Airlines in 2002. But along with Bulgaria's own airline many budget airlines in Europe now offer flights to it also.

For those who would like to visit Bulgaria by car then be aware that a road tax is charged with regard to cars coming into and then leaving the country. Therefore ensure that before you arrive you have sufficient small currency in order to pay these charges.

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